ABOUT Niimi Sangyo

Niimi Sangyo Co., Ltd. is a material manufacturer that uses plasma melting technology. The high-frequency induced thermal plasma becomes an ultra-high temperature exceeding 10000 ℃. The spheroidization technology for refractory materials (metals and ceramics) using the plasma will be the only one technology in Japan.


In 2019, Niimi Sangyo Co., Ltd. took over the plasma melting business from Daiken Chemical Co., Ltd. After the business succession, Kadotoku will be the sole distributor worldwide for materials manufactured using plasma melting technology.


Zirconia Beads Series

Applications: Nano-dispersion Media (for Bead Mills), Powder Crushing, etc.

Product Ranges

Model Particle Size Ranges (μm)
φ15 10~20
φ20 15~25
φ30 25~40
φ50 40~60

Main Properties

Composition Yttria Partially Stabilized Zirconia
Chemical Formula 3 %Y2O3-97 %ZrO2
Filling Density (g/cm3) 3.5
Hardness (HV) 1315

Modeling Powder Series for Metal 3D Printers

Applications: Powder Bed Fusions for Metal 3D Printers (Additive Manufacturing)

Product Ranges

Model Particle Size Ranges (μm)
NPM-WCC1201-1 20~50

* “Particle Size Range”, “Bulk Density”, and “Bonded Phase Composition” can be customized.

Main Properties



(Tungsten Carbide 88%, Cobalt 12%)

Chemical Formula WC-12Co
Bulk Density (g/cm3) 7.6


Series of Zirconia Beads

For Optical Filters
For Pigments for Inks and Paints
For Battery Materials


Modeling Powder Series for Metal 3D Printers

For Carbide Tools, Metal Processing Elements for Complicated Shapes Applicable for Mold & Die, etc.