Pro-Environment Solutions / Perstorp

ABOUT Perstorp

The Perstorp Group is a world leader in several sectors of the specialty chemicals market for a wide variety of industries and applications.


Since 1997, we’ve been engaged in selling Perstorp products as raw materials to urethane resin applications for adhesives, sealants, coatings, inks, etc. In recent years, starting with the ink applications, we’ve been aggressively developing environment-friendly products with the goal of being carbon-neutral.

What is the Pro-Environment Solutions

This product line is designed to be environmentally friendly and carbon-neutral.

  1. Partially or fully renewable raw material background
  2. Significantly reduce CO2 emissions throughout the product manufacturing process
  3. Certified by ISCC PLUS
  4. Compliant with ISCC certified mass balance concept


Product name 製品名 Product Category Grade Application
Pentaerythritol Mono ペンタエリスリトール Voxtar™ M40 Renewable Penta for resins, rosin esters and synthetic lubricants
Di-Penta ジペンタエリスリトール D40
Neopentyl glycol ネオペンチルグリコール Neeture™ N20 Renewable Neo for resins and synthetic lubricants
Trimethylol propane トリメチロールプロパン Evyron™ T20 Renewable TMP for resins and synthetic lubricants
Di-TMP ジトリメチロールプロパン DT20
Cyclic TMP Formal Cyclic TMP Formal CT15
Curalite™ Ox UV硬化向けTMPオキセタン Curalite™ Ox Pro C20 For cationic UV curing
Charmor™ 膨張性塗料用途ペンタエリスリトール Charmor™ Pro C40 For intumescent coatings
Holtac™ 鉛フリー塩ビ安定化剤向けペンタ/ジペンタ Holtac™ Pro H40 For lead-free PVC
Pergrip™ Run 滑走路用凍結防止向けギ酸塩 Pergrip™ Run Pro Low-carbon footprint runway deicer for leading airports
2EHA 2-エチルヘキサン酸 2EHA Pro 25 2-EHA with 25% renewable content
Valeric Acid 吉草酸 Valeric Acid Pro 20 Valeric Acid with 20% renewable content


The number at the end of each grade is the renewable raw material ratio (%) based on mass balance.
Example) VoxtarTM M100 = 100% renewable raw material ratio

What is the ISCC certification(International Sustainability & Carbon Certification)?


As a biomass certification system, it is already becoming widespread in Europe, and ISCC PLUS certification is a certification system that manages and guarantees products such as biomass raw materials and recycled raw materials manufactured by the mass balance method on the supply chain.
Perstorp products are ISCC PLUS certified, ensuring that the raw materials used in the products are supplied in a renewable manner.


Neeture N40 is neopentyl glycol with 40% renewable raw material. When comparing to the case of 10T of using Neeture N40 and 100% Fossil alternative, carbon dioxide emissions are about 18T (around 44%) cut than 100% Fossil alternative from material acquisition to disposal of end-of-life.


Ink, Coating, Adhesive, Food Packaging