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ABOUT Nexam Chemical

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Nexam Chemical (based in Sweden and listed on Nasdaq) is an innovation company that develops, manufactures and sells products that create sustainable polymer solutions.

In 2009, Nexam spun out from Swedish Specialty Chemical Company called PERSTORP, then, Kadotoku Corporation started marketing and sales activities as the sole agent in Japan for Nexam.


Nexam has two business units that consist of Performance Chemicals and Masterbatch Chemicals, and it is engaged in polyimide cross-linking agents and polymer recycling additives.

  • NEXIMID®: Polyimide Crosslinkers
  • NEXAMITE®: Recycled Polymer Chain Length Extenders 

NEXAMITE® Physical and chemical properties

Melting Peak (DSC) (°C)100-115250235

NEXAMITE® Performance and notes

FeaturesChain extender/branching agent, IV increaseChain extender/branching agent, IV increaseChain extender – IV increase/ Acid scavenger – hydrolysis resistance
ApplicationsFoam, film and sheet extrusionFoam, film and sheet extrusionFoam, fiber, film and sheet extrusion
Applicationssheet and foam extrusion, fiber spinning and to improve the properties of recycled PET (rPET)foam extrusion, fiber spinning and to improve the properties of recycled PET (rPET)monofilaments, strapping bands and applications where hydrolysis resistance is required
Pre-dryingN/A3-4 hours at 120°C in a desiccant dryer3-4 hours at 100°C in a desiccant dryer
Typical dosing level (%) (w/w)2-41-31-3
Package25 kg bags25 kg bags25 kg bags
Shelf life at 10-35°C1 year1 year1 year
Registered chemicals inEU, China, USA, New Zealand, Korea, The Philippines, Australia, Canada (DSL) and JapanEU, United States and in JapanEU and Japan


NEXAMITE® M021200 comply with the following Food Contact Regulations.

  • EU:(EC) No 1935/2004
  • USA:US FDA 21 CFR 177.1630
  • CHINA:GB 9685-2016
  • Japan:Kadotoku Corporation in Japan was certified by the Japan Chemical Innovation & Inspection Institute and Food Contact Material Safety Center. Confirming its inclusion in the Japan Hygienic Olefin And Styrene Plastics Association succeeded standards at National Positive List.


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