3 Core Businesses Supporting Japanese Industry

We built a “Coordination Business” based on technical knowledges obtained through the “Trading Business” since founded and it proposes raw materials and finished products to meet customer needs. Moreover, we developed ourselves to launch a “Manufacturing Business” to create new products from a manufacturer’s perspective.

Increasing highly functional materials and products are demanding more and more further expertise, development capabilities and technical abilities from us.

We Kadotoku Corporation have the aim of becoming a force to support the Japan Chemical Industry through the 3 Core Businesses. Kakutoku is developing its business with the aim of becoming a force to support Japanese industry through the three pillar businesses of the company.

Trading Business

As a professional in import sales and its management
We’re utilizing our “knowledge” based on our achievements and trust


The trading business is the unwavering foundation of Kadotoku, which has built up achievements and trust since its founding. Making full use of our information network, we import and sell carefully selected products from all over the world based on domestic consumption trends. Many of the products we handle are products that are not handled in Japan, or products that have only one supplier in Japan, and are high-value-added chemical industrial products such as specialty chemicals and fine chemicals, which are also niche areas. We promote quality, stable supply, and cost competitiveness to meet customer needs and provide stable supply. In addition, we have earned the trust of professionals who are familiar with strict laws and regulations in Japan and overseas in contract negotiations/conclusions, securing transportation methods, customs clearance procedures, etc.


As a sales agent of the world's leading companies

For many years, we’ve been a sales agent for Perstorp, a leading Swedish specialty chemicals company. 

We are also official distributors of Vencorex, NEXAM, and Synthomer, which were spined out from Perstorp, and we’ve been engaged in promoting their products.

  • Crosslinking agents by NEXAM Chemical that is the only one manufacturer for the products worldwide.
  • XFLO100 (Bio-based Isocyanate) by Vencorex
  • BEPD by Synthomer that are one of two manufacturers for the product worldwide.

We established the position of official distributors because of our many years of experience in the urethane market, the relationship of trust with customers, and the fact that we are not only just a trading company that handles products, but also creates value by getting involved in products from manufacturing and coordination.

Coordination Business

Reliable “Proposing Power” that materializes customers’ needs on their behalf


The Coordination Business is to discover and select suppliers and optimal products on behalf of customers based on the technical knowledge and market information gained in the Trading Business. Furthermore, through research and study on markets and products, we will develop and materialize customer needs. We are making proposals to further enhance our business and development. We also coordinate the introduction, supply, and sales of raw materials to domestic and overseas suppliers.

Manufacturing Business

Beyond the realm of trading companies
“Development Ability” to create new products


Based on the technical know-how built up in the Coordination Business, the Manufacturing Business is carried out on behalf of the technical department of the manufacturer. We are developing new materials from a position closer to the manufacturer, after developing from just a trading company that handles products. We propose own unique plans and ideas to the market and customers, provide customers with newly developed products that have not yet existed in the world, respond to customer needs, and play a role in developing new seeds. In addition, many customers are moving overseas from Japan, and we believe that the overseas manufacturing business will become even more important in the future. We are working to expand our business by making use of the raw material procurement capabilities as a trading company and the knowledge of those with technical experience.


Global Networks

Become a Global Partner and Form a Global Network


Since its founding, Kadotoku has accumulated achievements such as dealing with overseas chemical leading companies and becoming a sales agent. While developing three pillars of business, Trading Business, Coordination Business, and Manufacturing Business, we collect and analyze various information from all over the world, such as knowledge of cutting-edge chemistry, needs required by the times, development and market trends. This gives us the flexibility to respond quickly to the progress of digitalization and the rapid changes in globalization.
Our manufacturing bases select reliable suppliers in Japan and overseas in response to customer requests. We will grow together with reliable technology, stable supply, and sustainable suppliers, and establish a local subsidiary in a timely manner to meet the on-demand of our customers. This year, we plan to establish a Taiwan Liaison Office as a local corporation, aiming to further form a global network.