Our CSR Activities

Three Oaths

  1. We will comply with relevant domestic and international laws and social norms, and conduct fair business transactions.
  2. We will respect the culture and customs of the other party, build mutual trust, and strive for coexistence and co-prosperity.
  3. We are aware that we are “lived” by our surroundings and aim to contribute to the sustainable development of society.

Support Activities for Cambodia

Opening up a rich land with the people of Cambodia

To open up a truly affluent land in countries and regions around the world, and to build a healthy and affluent living space for the city and the people who live there, a viewpoint to look at the social issues faced by each local community is important.
Cambodia is one of the examples. In Cambodia, political instability continued due to the Vietnam War and the subsequent civil war. It was born in 1993 as the new “Kingdom of Cambodia” and is about to achieve economic recovery, but in addition to infrastructure equipment such as electricity and water and medical facilities, there is a shortage of educational facilities such as schools. As a result, literacy rates are low in many areas, and residents themselves feel the need for education. In this place, which is said to be “the country with the highest landmine burial density in the world,” Kadotoku Corporation is co-sponsoring KMT Corp to support the independent living of Cambodian residents.


Environmental initiatives

  1. We carry out business transactions responsibly for the environment, safety, health and quality.
  2. We will strive to reduce and minimize the environmental burden through sound business activities and actively make proposals.
  3. We aim to actively participate in social activities and contribute to the community.

Promotion of Biomass-Derived Raw Materials

Actively use raw materials consisting of plant-derived ingredients

In recent years, regulations aimed at environmental conservation have become more stringent, and reducing the environmental burden has become a major issue. At the same time, consumers’ awareness of environmental conservation has increased, which has become a factor in their willingness to purchase products. Furthermore, in the printing industry as well, the number of products that are environmentally conscious is increasing in all materials such as printing base materials and printing inks. We are studying defossil resources in response to such market trends and are proactively proposing materials consisting of plant-derived components.

Sponsorship for GAIKEN Corp

In May 2019, we participated in a project by GAIKEN Corp named as “Protecting Disappearing Made in Japan”

We are also engaged in activities that contribute to the revitalization of Japanese industry.