Corporate Profile

About Kadotoku Corporation


It is our pleasure and goal to conquer hearts of customers

with “Thank you” messages in return.

Our company was founded in 1993 by Jozo Itano as a chemical trading company that handled raw materials such as paints, inks, and adhesives.

The origin of “Kadotoku” comes from the name of the Kadotoku joinery store, which was founded by my mother’s parents’ house.

Its history is that when it was first founded in the Edo period, it purchased high-quality paper used for tableware from all over Japan and traded it. In 1877 (Meiji 10), they say that it operated in Minami-horie, Osaka.

With the help of excellent craftsmen from all over the country, the business style changed into a manufacturing business that manufactures and sells not only tableware but also fittings such as columns.

We started as a chemical trading company that handles special chemical raw materials, but in the spirit of the store name “Kadotoku”, we are constantly changing and evolving ourselves by snuggling up to the manufacturing of our customers and supporting the spirit of Japanese manufacturing without compromising just as a seller.

We wish to be contributable to Japanese industry from now on and be growing together with our customers.

Hope you expect much of our challenges!

Motohiko Itano

Corporate Philosophy

We will spare no effort and treat our customers in good faith.

It is our pleasure and goal to conquer hearts of customers with “Thank you” messages in return.

Company Motto

“Challenge will not betray us”


We Kadotoku Corporation have a strong conviction of “We should always accomplish requests from customers without giving up.”

Because we believe we always get something as far as our challenges are meaningful even if we result in failing.

The challenge is the start to progress and justice for us.


Management Vision

“Creating a new future ahead of challenges”


The future is what is happening from now, and it should be basically something new. There can be no old future.
However, we think that the future as a result of consuming time without challenge obsolete.
Encounter with unknown materials, technological innovation, nanotechnology, advanced information society, globalization, SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) …
The soil to be cultivated is infinitely wide.
We want to create a new “future” that goes beyond repeated challenges.

Thoughts in the Logo

Thoughts in the Logo

Since “passion is superior to talent”, which is also the motto of Kadotoku, we have made passion = orange our corporate color.
The lower left corner represents the foundation to date, and the upper corner represents the “tsuno”(“horn” in English), or antenna.
At the top, 〇 is an image of virtue = morals and the Japanese flag, and we put an antenna around the world and put the spirit to disseminate Japanese industry to the world.
Kadotoku will spread the antenna around the world and support Japanese industry by valuing our morals and encounters.


  • July 1993 Jozo Itano established Kadotoku Corporation in Habikino City, Osaka with a capital of 10 million yen.
  • April 1995Started selling industrial nitrocellulose of SNPE, a French state-owned company, for the paint and ink industry.
  • April 1997Started selling BEPD from Sweden's Neste Chemical (currently Perstorp) as a urethane resin raw material for adhesives and sealing applications.
  • June 2000Jozo Itano is appointed as Chairman of the Board, and Motohiko Itano is appointed as President and Representative Director.
  • August 2005Opened Tokyo Office
  • October 2005Increased capital to 15 million yen
  • June 2006started selling aluminum pastes from SILBER LINE (USA) for automobile paint applications.
  • June 2008Opened Osaka Office
  • March 2009Changed the closing fiscal month from June to March for the purpose of efficient business operation and management.
  • September 2009 Started activities as an official distributor for NEXAM (Sweden) in Japan.
  • June 2014Started activities as an official distributor in Japan for Vencorex (France)
  • April 2017Started activities as an official distributor of BEPD in Japan for Synthomer (UK)
  • November 2019Started activities as an official distributor of Plasma melting business for Niimi Sangyo (JP).
  • March 2021Increased capital of 20million yen for further reinforcement of business infrasture.

Our CSR Activities

  1. We will comply with relevant domestic and international laws and social norms, and conduct fair business transactions.
  2. We will respect the culture and customs of the other party, build mutual trust, and strive for coexistence and co-prosperity.
  3. We are aware that we are “lived” by our surroundings and aim to contribute to the sustainable development of society.

Environmental Initiatives

  1. We carry out business transactions responsibly for the environment, safety, health and quality.
  2. We will strive to reduce and minimize the environmental burden through sound business activities and actively make proposals.
  3. We aim to actively participate in social activities and contribute to the community.